Managed dedicated servers

Dedicated servers are the next step for organisations that require more power or capacity than a shared server or VPS can offer. Administration of shared servers is usually handled by the hosting company, and although this removes the requirement of hiring a system administrator there may be restrictions on the services and software available to you.

Birmingham Open Source Solutions offers a managed dedicated server service – we look after the hardware and operating system, leaving you free to deploy your applications in the knowledge that your platform is being looked after. We lease dedicated servers in professional hosting facilities in the following countries:

  • London
  • Germany
  • US (East coast)

Using multiple datacentres for your servers reduces the impact of a datacentre outage, improving resiliancy and availability of services. Some services are easier to run from multiple locations concurrently than others. Leasing, rather than purchasing and colocating servers, has several benefits:

  • No large initial capital expenditure to purchase hardware
  • No need to worry about the disposal of old/obsolete hardware
  • You can easily “upgrade” your hardware simply by leasing a new server as they become available
  • You don’t have to deal directly with hardware issues (e.g. failed hard disks)

Leasing servers usually involves a set-up fee and minimum contract length, but even taking this into consideration, it can be an extremely cost-effective way to run your own servers.