PHP Development

Why use PHP?

PHP is a no longer the newcomer in the web development market, with many high profile sites and projects using it. The language itself has matured a lot, and there is an increasing number of libraries available to extend the facilities available to programmers.
One of the advantages of PHP is its popularity – there is a large pool of PHP programmers, which means the cost of PHP development is quite competitive. Unfortunately, such a large pool also includes programmers who produce low quality code, with security issues or poor/no documentation, so what may at first appear to be a cheap project can easily spiral out of control when it comes to securing or extending it.

Why use the CodeIgniter framework?

Of all of the PHP frameworks we have looked at, CodeIgniter feels (to us) to provide simplicity without sacrificing power or features.

Simple is good. Simple means that programmers don’t have to spend a lot of time figuring out what’s going on. Simple means that even if a programmer has never used this particular framework before, they’ll be able to get up to speed quickly with it. Simple means that the framework supports the appliction, rather than forces it into shape.

Developing projects using Laravel

Laravel is another popular PHP web application framework which we support. Although it is more complex than CodeIgniter, it has a number of powerful features that can make it a more attractive option when considering a PHP framework to develop in.

Birmingham Open Source Solutions can help you to maintain and extend existing Laravel projects, or create entirely new applications based on Laravel.