Custom application development

Desktop applications

Despite the rise of mobile computing and BYOD, there are still circumstances where a desktop computer or full laptop is required – particularly those requiring access to specific hardware.

Mobile applications

Mobile apps have long been considered an important part of an organisation’s IT strategy, both as internal tools for staff, and public apps for clients and customers

Web applications

Web applications have the advantage of not requiring anything to install – anything device with a Web browser can use it.

From simple apps to fully-fledged user platforms, we have access to the skills and experience requried to build highly efficient and scalable web applications.

Integrated systems

Modern businesses aren’t always confined to offices – field engineers, remote workers and sales teams may need to work closely with their office-based colleagues.

We can develop integrated systems, combining desktop, mobile and web applications into a single collaborative platform.

We pride ourselves on combining solid engineering practices and modern “agile” project management to develop high-quality software quickly and efficiently.