Managed servers and services

Computer systems are quickly becoming an essential part of modern organisations, but setting up and running your own servers can stretch the budget and expertise of many small enterprises. Birmingham Open Source Solutions can set up and manage servers on your behalf, freeing you to focus on the things that are really important to you.

Custom application development

Although many common jobs can be performed by off-the-shelf applications and systems, there are also many situations where custom applications are a much better option. It may be quicker (and hence, cheaper) to develop a custom application than to modify an existing system, and in most cases the end result is of much higher quality (the custom application can be entirely tailored for best performance).

Birmingham Open Source Solutions offers custom application development, for both web-based and desktop-based systems. We use either Perl (and the Catalyst framework) or PHP (using the Laravel or CodeIgniter frameworks) for web applications, and Java (which simplified deployment across different OSs) for desktop applications.